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Our Promise

Telsa Blue Quartz Alkalized Water Bottle

Charged blue quartz alkalized water bottle. Made with an amber top for protection, anointed with positive mantras and wrapped with a copper coiled magnet on the bottom. Boost the ph of any drinking water back to its the natural mineral resonance. Use to alkalize any juice, tea, tonic, bath or cleaning water. 3+ years of use guaranteed.








Oshun Beauty Oil- Oshun is the goddess of love, beauty and prosperity. By mixing the essence of super foods moringa, baobab, kukui, marula and arguna this is exactly what you get. All purpose organic hair and body oil. Deep penetrating non greasy formula. Full of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients to promote skin and hair rejuvenation. Anti- aging, anti-inflammatory, anti viral and healing.



dscn2053Healing Crystal Jewelry- Raw natural high frequency crystals and gemstones wrapped in pure copper. Raises you’re emotional vibration. Balances your electro-magnetic frequency. Protects your from toxins and physic attacks. Promotes health and wellness within your spiritual and physical body.






Melanated Culture Clothing- Original native clothing directly imported from indigenous nations across the globe. Unique cultural designs made with premiere quality fabric.  Allergen, toxin and paraben free.